Ultra Lean Drops HCG Hormone Free is the hottest appetite suppressant diet in the country right now The drops burn 3,000 calories a day, mostly from fat. It's a sustainable weight-loss method because it burns excess fat instead of muscle. The HCG diet plan is strict, but you'll never feel hungry because the HCG drops tell your body to release stored fat which provides the rest of your daily caloric needs. 10 drops 3X daily. 2 ounces. (30-day supply). Helps eliminate your appetite and enhances your energy without the jitters We wish you the greatest success, whatever your goal may be, and we are excited to be a part of a better, healthier you. We love hearing from our customers, so feel free to contact us with questions or just to let us know of the great results you have been experiencing. Wishing you wellness.

Lose up to 1 Pound a Day
Burns Fat Quickly
Hormone Free Weight Loss Ingredients
Size: 2 ounces
Quantity: 30 days supply
Targeted area: burns fat and appetite supressant
Skin/hair type:
Active ingredients: HCG (HUMAN CHORLONIC)
Other ingredients: Acai berry
Suppress Appetite while on Low Calorie Diet
100-percente Homeopathic Hormone-Free Formula
Hormone free, combines proven and highly sought after weight loss ingredients
Includes Acai berry, a recommended weight loss supplement
Take 3 times a day. Simply place 7 to 10 drops right beneath the tongue for maximum results in FDA compliant laboratories

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HCG Ultra Lean Diet Drops 2-ounce Weight Loss Supplement with Acai Berry